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MessLess Collector

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Description:   People collect all kinds of stuff: beer bottle caps, Persian rugs, paintings, signatures, baseball cards, comic books, insects, coins, meteorites and even (I am not kidding) fossilized dinosaur droppings! Regular folks usually collect movies, books, DVDs and CDs. And, as a collection keeps growing and expanding, keeping track of all the items becomes a formidable and challenging task. Fortunately, there are many software utilities that help collectors. But is there one software application that fits all collector needs? Yes, there is, and it's called MessLess Collector. MessLess Collector is completely customizable, letting you, the collector, decide what information about your possessions you need to enter in the database. The program's built-in editors (Form Editor, Report Style Editor, Output Designer, Formula Editor and ToolBar Editor) let you change everything, even the hotkey combinations! You can add attachments and multimedia files. And, since different collectors have various description requirements, MessLess Collector comes with 16 different varieties of customizable data entry fields. The program is also a great solution for keeping track of household possessions and knowing which items are being loaned out and who has them. MessLess Collector features a tree-like database structure, which makes adding, moving, searching and grouping collectibles a snap. The program allows you to easily print out any report or import/export data. All settings can be modified easily with a couple of mouse-clicks in seconds. The program can be used directly with a scanner in order to make digital copies of estate planning papers, tax returns, or financial documents and upload them directly into the database. Try it free now!

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